Vinyasa Yoga Playlist / No. 2

Hello Fellows! New playlist, wee!

I put together this move.breathe.sweat playlist for this weeks  60 minute hot vinyasa class. Just a reminder, this playlist takes you through an entire practice…
childs pose – warm up – standing sequence – cool down/floor stretches – savasana (ahhh)
Or, ya know this is just a fun / kinda chill playlist to vibe out to. 
Depending on my class size & energy of the room, I will move my yogi’s thru standing sequence either 1 or 2x.  
1x thru = bit of a longer sequence + longer holds.
2x thru = perhaps a shorter sequence, longer holds first time thru, shorter hold second time thru and sometimes skipping balancing postures. 

Hope you enjoy! And if you missed my last playlist, you can check it out here. xx

Much Love,  

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