VIP Special Person

happy friday night loves! Hope you had a great day & week and everyone is ready for the weekend! I have big plans for tomorrow night that I am super excited about but for tonight, 
I am snuggled up inside as its been a nasty, cold & rainy day here in CLT. It seems we are getting that one last cold winter snap after all — it will be in the 30’s tonight and 25 degrees tomorrow night….shoot me. Needless to say I am a happy girl at home in my sweats tonight. 

So, late yesterday afternoon I got a phone call. First, from my sister, wondering what I was up to this morning. Come to find out it was VIP day at my niece’s school today and she picked me to be her VIP! My sister & I hung up the phone, pretending we never had our conversation and a few minutes later I got another call, this time hearing my little Sydney Bug’s sweet voice on the other end. “Lauren, can you come to school with me tomorrow and be my VIP special person?” Omg, melt my heart and a big yes with tears running down my face & a big smile. 
My sister lives up at LKN and the traffic is nuts in the morning, so I packed a bag and headed up to sleep over after dinner with girlfriends last night. 

I slept in the Princess bed with my little bug and got kicked I don’t even know how many times while she slept sideways, upside down & tush up in the air! Woke up at 630 this morning, took both my niece & nephew to school for VIP breakfast & then off to the classroom to read with all the littles. 

I thought this juice was fitting for the day! haha 

The rest of my day was spent training clients until 3pm, grabbed a snack and rushed over to Y2 to catch the 420 with one of my yoga loves, Kacy. Class was so hot & so good! I know I always say that but it was such a great class. I felt so strong in my postures and I am so so so close to getting my handstand!!

Now to relax & enjoy my night in. xx

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