VLOG | How To: Cut a Pineapple

Hiya babes! A short & fun Vlog for anyone out there who may be how I was years ago, which was afraid to cut into a whole pineapple. So silly, I know… but, I was. Coming from a family of amazing cooks and where fresh fruits are always found in our fridge – pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya – I used to be afraid to get into the kitchen and do allll sorts of things out of fear of doing something wrong or not turning out good enough, but I got over that, and cooking and preparing your own foods at home is so rewarding & way more satisfying!! That got a little off topic, but even something as small & simple as cutting into a whole, fresh, pineapple at home vs. buying those containers of pre-sliced pineapple at the market is just so much better!

Something I forgot to mention in the video…when is your pineapple ripe & ready for cutting!?
The bottom will start to turn yellow and you can actually smell that it is ripe because it starts to smell so yummy & sweet!!

Store your pineapple slices in a tupperware in the fridge to pull out and enjoy whenever your craving something sweet, toss into a smoothie or in a fruit & yogurt bowl! xx

Much Love,


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