Wanderlust Diary: Day 3

Wanderlust Austin: Day 3

Ah, finally getting to post about my 3rd and final day at Wanderlust! Its been a busy week and meant to get this up yesterday. Hope everyone had an awesome Friday & week!

By the time day 3 rolled around, I was feeling pretty pooped and super sore! I only had 2 classes scheduled for Day 3 and both were with the amazing Shiva Rea. Both classes with Shiva were more of a pranayama yoga practice which is more about the breath, rather than the physical (asana) practice.

First class, Prana Flow. I was still half asleep and every inch of my body was screaming sore. I tried to keep an open mind but definitely struggled a bit with this practice.

Shiva Rea Rana Flow

Shiva Rea doing her thing. She was amazing…the way she moves is unreal. Beautiful.

I had a long break until my next class with Shiva @ 2pm. I popped into Blenders & Bowls and got this yummy bowl…

Blenders & Bowls - Bowl Of Pradise

Bowl of Paradise: 
Raw Pitaya (Dragonfruit), Mango, Pineapple, Banana & Coconut water is the base (pink stuff) with strawberries, coconut, hemp granola, goji berries & honey! Healthy & delicious treat!

Grabbed a coffee after I ate and perused the Kula Market to see what the vendors had to offer. Lots of handmade clothes, shoes, mala beads, etc…all good stuff! This is where I picked up my bracelets that I posted about in my Wanderlust Diary, Day 2.

AcroYoga Wanderlust - Dani & Mateo

I got lucky and caught Dani & Mateo performing on the Wanderlust Stage in the Kula Market! This was so awesome! They make it look so effortless and after my AcroYoga class, I can definitely say there is nothing easy about this.

Wanderlust - Quotes

I snapped photos of all these quotes that were hanging around the market. Love these!

Time for my last class, Rhythmic Flow with Shiva. This was another pranayama practice but I enjoyed it much more than the 10am class. We started off with a really neat meditation for a good 10-15 minutes. This was totally different than any other meditation practice I’ve ever experienced. Everyone had little ball shakers that we held in our hands and shook them along to DJ Rez spinning super ambient music in the background. One of those moments that you just had to be there…

Two quotes that I walked away from this class with (and love) that I’d like to share with you…

“Don’t push the river, It flows by itself”“The Heart is the conductor of our Body” <3 <3 <3

Finished up with this last class around 5pm, headed back to my hotel for a shower and then out to dinner and to enjoy my last night in Austin!

Denim on Demin Style

LS Denim on Denim Style

I love denim on denim!
Details: Jean Shirt: Ralph Lauren Jeans: Guess Boots: Rag&Bone Handbag: Celine. Scarf: Francesca’s

Dinner at the W Hotel. They had really cool restaurant inside the Hotel, Trace.

W Hotel Beet Salad

Red & Golden Beet Salad with Beet & Goat Cheese Puree on the side.

Beef Tartare

This beef tartare was melt-in-your-mouth good! It looks like an egg white on top but it was actually some type of horseradish frothy yumminess with the egg yolk middle. Pickled veggies on the side. I totally enjoyed some FF and a couple glasses of Pinot Noir along with my meal.

I somehow lost a few pictures on my camera with  1) evidence of me eating French Fries and 2) some better shots of what I wore. But oh well, NBD.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing all the pics from my fun Wanderlust Yoga Weekend!

Wish you all an awesome weekend & Much Love! xx


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