Wandern in Austria

The earth has music for those who listen.

— George Santayana

I couldn’t think of a better quote to go along with the photos in this post…

As a kid spending my summers in Austria, I was completely oblivious to all this beauty right in front of my nose! Waking up to the Austrian Alps in your Oma & Opa’s backyard!? Eh, no big deal.
Unfortunately, as you get older & life gets busier, skipping off to Europe for a month at a time happens less frequently and these precious trips back to see my family come around once every few years. I suppose the one good thing about this, is that every time I have the chance to go back, my time here seems to become more and more impactful, incredibly grounding and I continue to appreciate the beauty, culture & simplicity of living that much more…

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, considering my family ties, but there are no words to describe the amount of magnificent & pure beauty that exists in this country. Its exquisite, really. Setting out for a walk or hike takes on a whole new meaning when done in the loveliness of this land. These photos, many taken on my iPhone, do no justice to the beauty that I so gratefully had the chance to take in. A feast for the senses, so to speak.

Day after day, wandering around town or going for hikes either solo or with my dad, just when I thought I reached the most beautiful view, the next one would sweep me off my feet all over again. I kept making my dad stop so I could just stand there and breathe it all in. And take pictures, of course.
There’s just something about die Alpen luft (air) – so incredibly fresh & invigorating. There is a certain kind of beauty to be appreciated on a cloudy day – the clouds look like they are resting on the mountain tops. But, on those crystal clear days, the way the sun hits the mountains…simply stellar. The water, coming down from the mountains is so pure, you can stick your head in one of the many water troughs throughout town and drink, in my opinion, the most refreshing water ever!

I hope you enjoy these photos from my little piece of Heaven on Earth. xx


so evidently this is the remains of an old Roman Village that my dad lead me up to on one of our hikes. Hard to capture it all in one photo but it was pretty amazing

Hi 🙂
I apologize for all the cow pics, but I kinda fell in love with them! haha
#8783 was the friendliest of the bunch and was the first one to come over 2 days in a row. lol

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