Warming Winter Detox Cabbage Soup

As a part of my Winter Detox this week, I threw together this big pot of warm-you-up-from-the-inside-out Detox Cabbage Soup on Sunday night to have readily available & eat throughout the week. I’ve been eating a bowl of this delicious & super nutritious soup every afternoon for lunch and making a big leafy green & colorful veggie salad for dinner at night! 
I’m 3 days into this Winter Detox & I’m feeling pretty awesome. I’ll be doing a separate post explaining what this detox entails but this soup has been a big part of it — So Yummy!

Loading up on all my greens & veggies on Sunday evening.
Planning is everything — I just can’t say this enough! Having a fridge & pantry stocked with healthy staples sets you up for success!!

The combination of veggies — loads of red & green cabbage, celery, carrots & onion — along with warming, healing spices like fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric & garlic work together to detox your body, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system,  & help get your digestive house in order.

A few healthy nuggets about all the goodness inside this mind-body, nourishing soup…

– Cabbage. Red & Green: cruciferous & full of fiber, this tummy-flattening veggie is packed with Vitamin C (especially Red Cabbage), detoxifing Sulfur & Vitamin K + full of antioxidants to make for beautiful skin from the inside-out.  
– Celery. Water Loving Food — Celery helps to cleanse & flush & de-bloat 
– Carrots. Vitamin A for healthy, beautiful hair, skin & nails
– Cayenne/Ginger/Turmeric/Garlic. Bunching these babies together as their health & beauty benefits are somewhat repetitive but each one so amazing for you in their own right.  I use all of these spices on the reg to calm inflammation in my body, boost metabolism, keep my immune system healthy & strong & of course, help to rid my body of toxins. 

A couple FYI’s:
1) I’m in no way doing this as a “Cabbage Soup Diet” I’m eating 2 healthy, clean meals + a snack (typically a fruit + raw nuts) in addition to a bowl of soup every day 
2) This soup has a crazy amount of fiber — if your not used to eating cruciferous/fibrous veggies, you might actually look/feel a bit bloated the first day or two as the fiber makes its way thru your system.  This is totally normal and I promise, won’t last long 😉

Thanks so much for stopping in — hope you love this soup as much I do! xx

What I used:
– red & green cabbage. 
1/2 of each 
yellow onion. 1 (med sized)
celery. 6 stalks (cleaned & chopped chunky)
carrots. 6, cleaned, peeled, chopped chunky
organic, low sodium vegetable broth. 1 box
filtered water. 3 cups
organic coconut oil. 1 tblspn (instead of olive oil)
garlic. 5 cloves, minced
fresh, organic ginger. 2 inch chunk, minced
turmeric. 1/2 teaspoon
cayenne pepper. a few dashes. (if your afraid you’ll add too much and make the soup too spicy leave it out and add to your bowl, if you like 🙂
*Use more/less/omit any of the spices — just use what you like. 

– chop, chop, chop (and peel) your veggies. 
– onion in the pot with coconut oil — sauté & sweat ’em out…
– add in celery, carrots & garlic — cook & stir for a few minutes
– add in some broth (enough to cover whats in the pot so far)
– add in your cabbage + spices + more broth
– bring to a boil, then to a simmer & cover. 
– eat. enjoy. be healthy. be happy.

half, then quarter & then flip on the side & remove the rib of the cabbage 

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