Weekend’s are just the best, aren’t they!? Its your time to do whatever the heck you feel like doing. Whatever it is that fills you up & puts a smile on your face – do it! Me & Adam are lucky in the sense that we don’t live by the 9-5 schedule but we sure do soak up our weekends together. Our weekends are made up of everything we love…
+ snuggly sleep ins & long mornings full of coffee & a yummy breakfast + something active whether it be boxing, yoga, a long walk, a bike ride – just whatever we’re feeling that day. Bike rides & walks tend to lead to a patio (if the weather is nice), lunch & mimosas. (ha!) + date night out / stay in and cook and drink wine…there’s always wine. and music.
I’m holding on to this weekend extra tight, as I just dropped Adam off at the airport to catch a flight for Iceland. He will be gone for the next 6-8 weeks filming his latest film & my schedule has been kinda crazy lately so I’m not quite sure when I’ll be able to go see him. Needless to say, it was a tearful afternoon. Sometimes I think this whole Adam leaving thing will gets easier, but it actually just keeps getting tougher. ugh 🙁
When I’m home solo, I spend extra time with my parents – even have the occasional sleep over – my sister, niece & nephews and get in some extra girl time.

Any way…speaking of the weekend, how cute is this weekend sweatshirt (currently only available in “Rosy Rose”) that I got at Target!? Its from a fun brand called Grayson + Threads. I get so many compliments on this sweatshirt & it is THEE softest, you guys! Depending on what we have going on, you’ll catch me running around in something resembling athleisure (shocker, I know!) while doing our weekend things. Pulling on a comfy pair of black tights or black skinny jeans + a cute & cozy graphic shirt/sweatshirt – they are just thing for kicking around town in the cutest way!

I’ve linked some of my current favorite sweatshirts below.

What makes the weekend especially lovely for you?!
do more of what makes you happy with the people you love

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