when life gives you lemons….

…you make warm water with lemon, of course! (among other things) Let me start by saying as much I love to drink water with lemon, I absolutely do not start my day with a nice, warm cup of lemon water. I’ve tried (and tried again) and it just doesn’t go down easily for me. Instead, I start my day with 2 cups of coffee (con almond milk). Yessss, I know drinking hot water with lemon first thing is supposed to be one of the best ways to kick start your day (and your digestion)  but let me tell you, the best thing to get my day going…coffee. :)) I’ll boil some water, juice 1/2 a lemon and make a cup sometimes midday or to end my day.

Moving on… beautiful, sunny, lemons are both a natural health AND beauty rock star that I use in all kinds of ways. Yes, they are acidic but! they are one of the best things you can consume to restore/balance your body’s pH levels as well as, cleanse your liver & kidneys, flush out nasty toxins, pooping (yeaa, I wrote that…we all do it) and purify your blood.

Some of my favorite ways to use lemons…
– Use as a salad dressing (lemon juice + olive oil + S&P) Voilà. PLEASE do not use bottled dressings!!
Green Smoothies (super cleansing)
– Vodka/Water + lemon. Yep, my healthy cocktail of choice is simply vodka/water. Always in a tall glass which gives me extra water + lemons. (not a fan of limes) Boom. Stay hydrated while you drink, no sugar….no hangover. Winning!!
– Rub half a lemon on my face. Great cleanser/antiseptic.
Immune Boosting Shot: Lemon Juice x Cayenne x Ginger. Intense!! Whenever I find a cool juice spot during my travels that offers these awesome “health shots” I always knock one down. This concentrated combo is a real zinger.

Health Benefits of Lemons, Lemon Water

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