Wine of the Week // No. 1

Hello my loves!! I am pretty pumped to start this new & fun series here on Le Blog, sharing wines that Adam & I have discovered, sipped & enjoyed! We love trying out new & interesting wines – mainly reds & rosés – whenever out to dinner and/or here at home that we’ve picked up from one of our local markets, Rhino Market, namely. I really enjoy & gravitate  towards a good Pinot Noir – mostly, French or Oregon Pinots. Oregon puts out some really great Pinot’s, guys!! You can expect to see a fun mix of reds that either Adam, myself or we both have loved. Adam enjoys a good Malbec, but most tend to be too heavy for me. There are some really fantastic Austrian wines that we’ve fallen in love with. Great blends. I also love a great Burgundy or a Grenache.  All kinds of yummy I can’t wait to share here! 

Growing up Schwaiger… European roots, Italian mother/Austrian father + spending most of my summers in Austria, I suppose it was inevitable I’d grow into the wine enthusiast that I’ve become today. In my family, its perfectly normal to start sipping on a little vino here & there around the age of 14. Ya know….its “good for the blood” (LOL) In my late teens, when everyone started sneaking around to buy beer I had zero interest. I’d give it a taste & thought it was the most disgusting thing – EVER. I still feel this way & have never drank a beer in my life. (such a brat!) In my early 20’s, I was pretty devoted to my vodka/water’s + wine and for many years now, I’m a full on wine drinker. With the exception of a pre-dinner cocktail here & there.

As a little girl, I remember visiting friends/family or out to a Gasthaus and my parents would keep my sister & I out for 6,7,8 hours. Eek! We’d hangout, play and pass out when we could no longer hold our eyes open. These are such great memories that I hold onto, soaked up as a little person & what I now enjoy & deeply appreciate in my life..
Sadly, this a culture that many Americans don’t quiet get…relax, sit, stay a while. Why so hurried? Long, leisurely lunches/dinner/visits with friends & family rather than, as my mom would say about an ex-boyfriend “its like he always has one foot out the door”.  (this did not go over well!) FYI: If you ever have dinner with my family, expect to stay for at least 4 hours. (haha) Luckily, I’ve met my match & someone who can hang when it comes to family dinners (uhmm, that would be Adam) 😉 and enjoys the beautiful, slow Art of Living. 

So without further adieu, the first WOTW (Wine of the Week) is this lovely Pinot Noir I so thoroughly enjoyed 3 glasses of (oops!) on Valentine’s Day up in Blowing Rock at Gideon Ridge Inn. This is just a really nice medium-bodied pinot with both fruity & earthy notes. 

I believe the bottle ranges anywhere between $36-$70 depending on the year and where your purchasing. If you choose to try it out, hope you enjoy as much as I did! xx

Much Love,

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