Work It Wednesday

Sunset | 2.4.14

Hi Hi! Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday.The day started out all rainy & blah, but by midi the rain stopped, clouds cleared and the sun was a-shining…ahhh. Enter a new found, sunny disposition on…life. Seriously tho, my mood & energy are so heavily affected by the weather. Kinda crazy. This afternoon’s change of weather made for an absolutely beautiful evening sky…

As usual, work was good and I worked out even though today probably should have been a rest day. I didn’t realize just how sore I was from boxing yesterday until I was about 2 sets into today’s workout. 2 things… 1) my triceps were dead from throwing punches  2) I kind of tweaked my back in yesterdays boxing sesh. (one too many hard slips to the left)


Treadmill: 40 minutes – Incline/Power walking


Underhand Tricep Pulldowns: 20 x 3
Flat Bench, db Press: 20 x 3
Overhand Pulldowns: 20 x 3
Close (Tricep) Push Ups: 15 x 3

Clean Eats

Savory Oatmeal - Spinach, Onion, Mushroom, Toasted Almonds

Another savory oatmeal for brek this morning. Added toasted almonds instead of pine nuts and rather than sauteing the spinach in the pan along with the onions, mushrooms & peppers, I saved it for the very last minute. Tossed the spinach in the pot with the oats to wilt it for literally no more than a minute. Remember, the more you cook your veggies the more nutrients they lose.

Green Smoothie

Midi Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie - Power Greens, Banana, Goji Berries

Power Greens | Goji Berries | Banana | Hemp Seeds |Lemon | Water & Ice

Lentil Soup

NomNoms — Lentil Soup. Will be eating this for days.

Sexy Shoulders Superset

Exercise of the day: Upright Row/Reverse “T” Fly Superset
3 sets, 20 reps of each — killer combo for lean, sexy shoulders. These are two of my favorite shoulder exercises — especially, the bent over reverse flys. I call these a “T” Fly because I do them one of two ways 1) thumbs down 2) thumbs up vs. your standard reverse fly where palms are face down. This is a fantastic exercise for scapular retraction and to counterbalance chest work (which I do a lot of).


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