Workout Playlist | Sweat Sesh – S/S 2015

Hello & Happy, Happy Friday! 
Geeeez, its been quite a while since I’ve shared any musica around here! I’ve been tagging songs that I just absolutely love & make my music loving soul super happy with the intention of putting together a playlist to share on Le Blog! 

Workouts are me-time — time to Plug In & Shut Out. Whether I’m in the gym or on my yoga mat, its just… Ahh, my happy place. All the songs on this list transport me to another place, put me in the zone, in my head and honestly, the only thing I care about for 60+ minutes is my workout.

My musical ear tends to take me all over, so I hope you enjoy this fun & eclectic Sweat Shesh Playlist I’ve made using Spotify as much as I do! xx

Much Love, 

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