workout wednesday // 7.23.14

Happy Hump Day my friends. Hoping your week is happy, healthy & productive!
Plowing thru another busy week over here and can’t believe we are more than half way thru July – whuut!?

Up late last night but still popped up out of bed this morning ready to take on the day as I have so many exciting things in motion right now. My high-on-life quickly wore off late morning and I was schlumping along until it was time for some yog-aaaah.
Pretty much every Wednesday, my yoga love, friend & fellow instructor, Adam and I get together for our trade — he works with/coaches me on badass yoga poses and I kick his ass in a gym sesh.
10-15 minutes into handstand & arm balance play time, out of nowhere I had this incredible rush of energy come over me.
I felt SO strong today, made so much progress with my practice and was able to nail poses that I just couldn’t seem to get into last week. An “on” day, no doubt, and it felt SO good!

Today’s focus was on:

– Pincha forearm balance – working on different variations with my legs
– Wide Legged Handstand (jump up)
– Handstand
– Wounded Grasshopper
a fun and fairly simple new arm balance that A found out about from Tiffany Cruikshank
– Straightening arms in Crow Pose
– Side Crow
without cheating! holding all your weight, knees stack on one arm/tricep rather than allowing your hips to rest on your opposite tricep. So much more of a challenge.

With my sudden surge of energy, I decided to workout with Adam rather than just stand there and tell him what to do!


– 90 second run/sprint: choose a speed that challenges you but you are able to run with proper form
– Core Work: Cycled thru different exercises each round
1) side plank (30 sec each side) + forearm plank (30 seconds)
2) Super Slow Bicycle: focus on pulling in thru the side/oblique you are twisting towards
3) Double Crunches: squeeze block/pilates ball between thighs to fire up the low abs
– Kettlebell Squat & Swing: 20 x 3
– BOSU Ball: Overhead, db, Tricep Extensions (standing on black side on BOSU) 15-20 x 3
– Burpee + Push Up: 10 x 3

A little photo of me working on my pincha forearm balance today.
Side note, how amazing are these clouds?! Love.

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