workouts this week: 11.6 – 11.13

Hey Hey my FitFriends! So last week’s workouts were eh. I did get into East Coast Fighter to box 3x last week which was awesome as always, but on the flip side, I also had 3 rest days which doesn’t happen that often. I think with the time change + the weather getting a little colder + a couple cloudy, grey days…I just wasn’t feeling as motivated as usual – and that is ok. I had a solid (and so sweaty!!) cardio sesh on Thursday which felt great but didn’t get any strength training in [on my own] – there’s loads of full body strength moves included in my boxing classes – so I definitely want to make sure I get at least 1 good lift sesh in this week! 

Remember to mix it up to keep things fresh, keep your body guessing & keep you motivated vs. burnt out! If you missed my The Perfect Week: Movement Post, definitely follow the link to check it out! xx

Happy Monday! Wishing everyone a wonderful week!! 

Much Love,  

Sunday. 11.6
10 mile bike ride with Adam all over. We peddled on down to East Blvd. for brunch at Kid Cashew. Then made our way around town and back home. 

Monday. 11.7
Boxing @ East Coast Fighter 

Tuesday. 11.8
We had a bunch of stuff to get done before Adam had to leave on Wednesday for Europe for a couple weeks for a project + we had dinner with my parents that night. 

Wednesday. 11.9
Boxing @ East Coast Fighter

Thursday. 11.10.
Cardio / 40 minutes / Treadmill
1.5 miles power, incline walk / 2 miles 60 second sprint / 60 second recovery

Friday. 11.11

Saturday. 11.12
Boxing Bootcamp @ East Coast Fighter

Sunday. 11.13
Not by choice, rest day. 
I woke up feeling sore throat-ish & kinda sick. My plan was to go to yoga but I decided not to so I don’t get sick. I know my body so well and a sore throat typically means I’m about to get sick so working out definitely wouldn’t have been a good idea for me.


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