workouts this week: 1.2 – 1.8

Hiya loves. How was Week One of 2017!? I’m hoping it was full of all the good, the healthy & the happy. I’m excited to get these WTW posts back up & running. If you caught my last one,  here, you read that I was dealing with some lower back issues – ugh. My back actually went out again over Christmas, not as bad as the first time, but still, it was pretty painful. With that being said, workouts have been on the gentle side of things for the last month. Stubbornly, I have had some tough workouts here & there, but that didn’t do my back and tight-all-over body any favors. Without rambling on too much, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get back to more of a balance between strength & yoga. I slipped back into this routine where I’m working out like crazy at the gym and not doing enough yoga. I got a massage last week – omg, my legs were stupid tight – and have gone to yoga 2x. Just this little bit of limbering up has helped tremendously, already! 

I had a pretty decent week of workouts to kick off the new year, considering some nasty congestion. 

Monday. 1.2.17
cardio / 35 minutes / treadmill / 3 miles of power walking & running
Cable Flys: 20x
TRX Triceps Extensions: 15x
Curtsey Lunge + Bicep Curl: 12x on each leg / 24x total
Overhand Narrow Grip Pulldowns: 20x

Tuesday. 2.3.17
Power Hour Hot Yoga @ Yoga One

Weds. 2.4.17
I had every intention of working out but I woke up feeling awful! Crazy congestion & just feeling all around poopy so I made it a rest day.

Thursday. 2.5.17
cardio / 60 minutes / treadmill
I still felt like crap Thursday and I had a client that needed to switch to an earlier time in the morning which gave me a break in between sessions. I got in some LISS Cardio, walking for 40 minutes on a small incline at like 3.6. Got in a little over 2 miles and broke a baby sweat. I actually scheduled a doc appt because I was so congested & my ear were basically closed and i didn’t want to get any worse heading into the weekend. My doctor knows I HATE antibiotics and they are always a last resort for me. He wrote me an Rx just in case and told me to keep taking my Mucinex + start using some Flonase. 
When I was done with my sessions for the day I hopped on the treadmill and got in some MISS Cardio – walking .25 miles and jogging .25 for 20 minutes

Friday. 2.6.17
cardio / 45 minutes / stair master
I had the best stair climbing sesh to end myFriday & work week! 
I hopped on the stair master planning to do 30 minutes but I was feeling so great, I decided to go for 45. I climbed 183 floors, got in over 3K steps & burned over 400 calories! Felt SO good, guys!! 

Saturday. 2.7.17
3.25 mile snow day stroll outside

Sunday. 2.8.17
We are heading to Arrichion to double up on the 415pm & 530pm classes – Krystallos & Diamond. 

goat yogurt + banana & strawberries + raw nuts, cinnamon, honey & bee pollen – yes!

my favorite toast on Udi’s Gluten Free Millet-Chia break. Cinnamon & honey on PB Toast is ahhh-mazing you guys!! 

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