workouts this week: 1.9 – 1.15

Hiya loves!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Last week was probably one of the most balanced week of workouts I’ve had in a long time! I got in a little bit of everything – cardio, strength & 2 yoga practices. Its been months (!!) since I’ve gotten into the yoga studio 2x in a week and it felt really (really) good.

Happy Happy Monday! I wish you a week full of happy, healthy, good vibes! xx

Much Love,

Monday. 1.9
CARDIO / 45 minutes / Stair master

Tuesday. 1.10.
CARDIO / 25 minutes / Treadmill
.25 mile intervals for 25 minutes … power walk .25 / sprint .25
Barbell Flat Bench Press: 25x
Triceps Rope Pulldowns: 15x
Step Up + Bicep Curl: 15x on each side / 30x total each set
Underhand Pulldowns: 20x

Wednesday. 1.11
Hot Yoga @ Yoga One

Thursday. 1.12.
MISS CARDIO / 30 minutes / Treadmill
Power Incline Walk: 15 minutes
Run @ 6.0 – 6.4: 15 minutes

Friday. 1.13
I don’t think I could have worked out if I wanted to! My legs – quads, especially – we SO dead, you guys! I had a half a day of clients and then Adam and I shot outfit photos followed by a little wine & food @ Customshop!

Saturday. 1.14
Power Hour (Hot Yoga) @ Yoga One

Sunday. 1.15
When we woke up, it was super cloudy & grey…late morning, the clouds cleared & it turned out to be such a gorgeous day! We hopped on our bikes for a ride… we did about 8 miles around uptown / south end + a pit stop at Futo Buta for a little lunch! We sat outside on the patio – so lovely! One day a week, Adam and I do either a long walk or bike ride which makes for the perfect yin and yang to a week of workouts inside a gym or studio.

Thursday & Friday felt like spring – ahhmazing! Sunny + 70° The sun was shining so brightly thru the windows at the gym, I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back as if I were outside – kinda of the best of both worlds for me since I suck at running outside! haha Horrible photo of moi, but I kinda love that sunburst coming thru 🙂

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