Workouts this Week / 5.16 – 5.22

hi hi, loves. Happy Sunday. I’m just gonna hop right into it and let you all know that this week was a struhg-le!  First, we basically moved to Seattle for the week – not kidding!! We got so.much.rain – for 5 days straight here in CLT and it left me feeling all kinds of funky combined with the emotions & thoughts I already had going on in my mind about a host of things. I suppose the weather + my thoughts really took a toll on my physical state and after fighting it all week I finally surrendered and just relaxed come Friday & Saturday. 
Its kind of amazing how your physical body can take on & manifest so much of your mental & emotional stress. I say this all the time, but its so important to listen to your body. It will always, always tell you what it needs and this week I just took it easy with some LISS cardio sessions, yoga & back to back rest days.

Monday. 5.16.
LISS CARDIO / 40 minutes
Easy walking on the treadmill. 

Tuesday. 5.17

CARDIO / 40 minutes
 treadmill / 20 minutes
Precore AMT / 20 minutes

about 30 minutes of loads of toning exercises on the mat & stability ball focusing on core, shoulders & booty

Wednesday. 5.18

HIIT / 45 minutes
1 mile / incline walking / speed @ 3.8, incline @ 4.0
2+ miles HIIT / 60 second sprint, 60 second recover

Thursday. 5.19
60 minute hot yoga

Friday & Saturday. 5.20 – 5.21
I took both Friday & Saturday off from workouts. Friday was busy with work & day 4 of pouring rain. I literally had an internal dialogue with myself on & off, while training my last 2 clients of the day that went like this… workout/don’t workout? workout/don’t workout? My mind was all like, yes, yes, yes…your going to workout. And my body was like hell no. So the rain & my body won with a nice hot bath full of eucalyptus bath salts & my new book that I currently can’t put down. Side Note. I’m making a concerted effort to read more BOOKS. I read all the time, however I don’t read books. Any way, back to workouts…
So Saturday, I woke up with a horrible headache and my body still just felt so damn tired. Adam & I had the laziest day ever. We never just veg out and that’s what we did and it was pretty awesome. 

Sunday. 5.22

2 days of rest + a magical nights sleep = a well rested body & loads of energy come Sunday morning. Adam & I had a killer, high intensity sweat sesh in the park. 
We hustled for 30 minutes straight doing loads of 30-60 second plyo moves, (jumping lunges, jump squats, toe taps, jumping jacks) mixed with strength moves (push ups, walking lunges, tricep dips, squats & isometric holds)

Hope everyone had a great week! I am looking forward to a sunny week ahead full of healthy goodness, workouts & happy vibes. Wishing all of those things to you & more! xx

Much Love, 

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