Workouts this Week | 7.19 – 7.26

Hi Hi! Checking in & sharing what workouts have looked like over the last week. Rather than hopping right back into my workout routine after being out of the country for 2 weeks, my first week home was spent adjusting to a major case of jet lag + PMS which left me feeling super lethargic. Needless to say, I was feeling less than motivated to workout… so, this was my first week back to a consistent workout schedule! It was a really awesome mix of cardio, strength & yoga, and my body is feeling super strong & balanced!

Sunday | 7.19
Sunday Funday with my babe, sweatin’ it up, riding our bikes all over the city. This was our last Sunday together {in Charlotte} for about 4 months (will fill you guys in in a different post) so we just enjoyed the day & each other. We made our way to SouthEnd to hang at a friends pool,  a pit stop for a snack + glass of wine at Craft later on & finally made our way back home 🙂

Monday | 7.20.
CARDIO. 30 minutes Precore AMT
HOT YOGA. 60 minutes

Tuesday | 7.21
Incline db Press. 20 x 3
Overhead db Tricep Extensions. 15 x 3
Kneeling: Cable Machine Lat Pulldowns. 20 x 3
SB Glute/Ham Raises. 20 x 3
5 minute run x 3 (pick a speed that is challenging but that you can maintain for 5 min)
(Plus half of an outdoor workout with a client 3 rounds of air squats (25 reps) Mountain Climbers & Push Ups)

Wednesday | 7.22

Swam Laps for 20 minutes

Thursday | 7.23
raced over to the Y with plans of getting in 30 minutes of cardio before yoga but with traffic, 30 turned into 20 (better than nothing)
HOT YOGA. 60 minutes

Friday | 7.24
1 mile Walk. INCLINE. 10 / SPEED: 4.0
Flat Bench db Press. 25 x 3
Dead Lift x DB Row Combo. 15 x 3
Skullcrushers. 20 x 3
Squat x Front Shoulder Raise/Swing Combo. 10 on each arm / 20 squats total x 3
CARDIO. Precore AMT: 15 minutes 

Saturday | 7.25

Sunday | 7.26
60 minutes of incredible hot, dripping sweat yoga. It was amazing!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your evening, much love & wishes for a happy, healthy week ahead!! xx

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