Workouts This Week: 9.26 – 10.3

Hi Hi, loves! Happy Sunday! Sharing what workouts have looked like over the last week. Feeling so good & strong & still keeping a nice balance of cardio, strength & yoga. I’m really trying to get in at least 2 yoga practices a week, which doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do, but with everything else sometimes it just isn’t easy to get to yoga, to keep my body in balance. Its kinda crazy but I seriously just, when I don’t have my yoga. My body feels fatigued and I just feel blocked physically, mentally & digestively.  

Saturday. 9.26. 
90 minutes, yoga  fusion @ Laughing Buddha

insanely sweaty & amazing yoga fusion. Felt so awesome!!
Hadn’t taken this class in a while. I was feeling it on Sunday, for sure!

Sunday. 9.27.
sore, rest & Sunday Funday with the girls

Monday. 9.28.
Power Incline Walk. 30 minutes
Hot Yoga. 60 minutes

Tuesday. 9.29.
CARDIO / 35 minutes

PreCore AMT. 20 minutes
StairMaster. 15 minutes
Super busy day. I had about 45 minutes to squeeze in a workout. I did 5 minute blocks on the stair master on Level 11, hopping off every 5 to pop out 25 push ups. It was a quick & killer workout!

Wednesday. 9.30.
Hot Yoga. 60 minutes

Thursday. 10.1
rest day, loads of errands & travel day to RVA <3

Friday. 10.2
Treadmill. 50 minutes / 4 miles / 400+ cals
power/incline walk, 15 minutes (1 mile)
60 sec sprint/60 sec recover, 20 minutes
power/incline walk, 15 minutes

Saturday. 10.3 Cardio + Strength (Happy Birthday, to mee! lol )
CARDIO / 30 minutes
Treadmill. 15 minutes (1 mile)
Bike. 15 minutes

STRENGTH / Full Body Circuit
hammer curl / neutral grip shoulder press: 15 x 3
incline db chest press: 20 x 3
overhead db triceps extensions:
15 x 3
squat/upright row combo (using db’s) 20 x 3
Stretch & Foam Roll

Sunday: 10.4.
Rest Day

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xx

Much Love, 

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