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Hi Hi & Happy Monday, my loves! Checking in from the hot & sunny Caribbean! Last Sunday, I embarked on a 10 day Caribbean Cruise with Adam, mom & dad + sister & bro-in-law to celebrate dad’s 65th birthday!! We’ve been having an ahhh-mazing time galavanting all over the islands + enjoying the whole cruising experience. In between all the incredible food & wine, I’ve been maintaining my clean & healthy eating habits + have squeezed in a few awesome workouts in the gym which has these amazing floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean while your running on the treadmill. Aside from the gym sesshies, our days have been filled with loads of walking, swimming, snorkeling and beach walking.

We just left Tortola, BVI this evening, and have begun our 2 day journey back to Miami which is about 1,000 miles. Since these next 2 days won’t be filled with running around the Islands, I’ll definitely be back in the gym working off all the yummy eats & treats I’ve had here & there!

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! xx

Monday. 1.23
a bunch of walking around Miami, lunch + boarded the cruise

Tuesday. 1.24
CARDIO / 45 Minutes / Treadmill
I kicked off our cruise with a long & super sweaty cardio sesh. I did a fun mix intervals…
.25 mile power walks
.25 mile runs
60 second sprints & 30 second sprints

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press: 20x
Dubbell Triceps Extensions: 15x
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows: ( in a lunge) 20x each side
Upright Rows: 20x

Side Plank Hip Raises: 15x each side
Single V-Ups: 10x each side / reach opposite hand towards foot and sit up as much as you can
Reverse Straight Leg Crunch: (lower abs) 15x

Wednesday. 1.25
Cardio / 30 minutes/ Treadmill
Power Incline walk for 15 minutes / 1 mile
Run for 15 minutes / 1.5 miles

Thursday. 1.26
St. Bart’s – what a gorgeous Island!!
I have to admit, I didn’t do much of anything on this day. We caught a taxi to a beautiful beach & resort and spent the day sipping Sangria, overlooking the ocean & sunbathing.

Friday. 1.27
I really (really!) wish I tracked our walk on this day because we walked our faces off – Seriously! Me & Adam are pretty sure we got in about 10 miles. We decided to walk to the beach which was about a 4 mile walk each way but on our way back we got off the beaten path, winding all around the town to explore a bit more, beyond the touristy stuff. It was SO hot and we were dripping sweat all day…needless to say, we were pretty pooped come end of the day. We also did some SUP (stand up paddle boarding) for about 2 hours in the ocean.

Saturday. 1.28
We were in St. Lucia and did a fun hike at a place called Pigeon Island. The views were amazing overlooking the whole Island. I decided to go to the gym and get in a little workout before it was time to get ready for dinner…

CARDIO / 26 minutes
Power Incline Walk / 15 minutes / 1 mile
Sprint Intervals / 60 second on, 60 seconds off / 1.5 miles

I squeezed in this quick round of strength…
Flat Bench Dumbbell Press: 25x
Reverse Lunge + Bicep Curl: 15x on each leg / 30 reps total
Dumbbell Tricpes Extensions: 20x
Shoulder Press: 20x

Sunday. 1.29
beach walking, swimming & snorkeling in Antigua

breakfast has pretty much looked like this every morning. eggs have been either 2 soft boiled eggs, scrambled egg whites or an egg white omelette. The fresh fruits & berries on the ship are amazing! I’ve been eating the scrumptious muslei or oatmeal along with my fruits. I also think I’ve overdosed on gravlax with capers & fresh lemon. omg – so good!

quick gym sesh before our dinner on Saturday night, which was dad’s birthday!

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