Yoga-ful Weekend

A weekend full of yoga makes me one happy girl.
3 amazing practices – each one different, empowering & beautiful in their own way.
Practicing at 3 of my favorite studios around town – Y2 Yoga, Yoga One & Charlotte Yoga – each studio offers a different style, flow & vibe. Yoga just seems to have a way of always being what you need it to be. Practicing at different studios, with different teachers allows me to continue to grow in my practice on all levels, physically & emotionally.

Scorpion Pose
Friday afternoon at Y2 Yoga. Stayed after class to spend some time playing around with Scorpion. Definitely a work in progress, my feet aren’t anywhere near my head and I’m working hard to not lose my ab connection and crunch/dump into my low back.

Side Crow
Really incredible practice with a new instructor,  Fauna, on Saturday afternoon at Yoga One.

Figure 4 Arm Balance
Sunday night practice at Charlotte Yoga, this just happened for the first time!!
I’ve always had a fear of this arm balance …ya know, falling forward and smashing my face. NBD. lol
Side Note: I’ve broken my left wrist & elbow which creates some strength & stability issues for me in so many arm balances. Frustrating, to say the least. I always feel like my left side is going to give out which has created this fear of arm balances for me but I’ve made so much progress throughout this year.
Now to work on being able to extend my leg back. 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! xx

Much Love,

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