Youthberry Smoothie – Smoothie Sunday

Youthberry Beauty Smoothie

Happy Sunday Beauties!

Today’s smoothie is loaded with beautifying antioxidants & superfoods that will have your skin glowing from the inside out! I decided to whip up a smoothie with one of my fave skin loving white teas — Youthberry, from Teavana. You are what you eat (and drink) and everything inside this delicious smoothie will have people commenting on how fab you look! Fresh fruits & berries, superfoods like goji & mulberry berries & cacao nibs are all big players in my life. Add these babies to your diet (smoothies, oatmeal or just eat a small handful here & there) on the regular and you’ll begin to see & feel a difference in both your skin & energy levels!

L’Chaim,  xx


Youthberry Smoothie Recipe

– Brew 1 cup Youthberry White Tea (1.5 tspn of loose leaf tea)
– 1 cup organic frozen blueberries (or if you like, a frozen berry mix)
– 1 Tbspn Raw, Unsalted Almond Butter
– 1 Scoop Raw Vanilla Protein Powder – dash cinnamon
– Cacao Nibs & Goji Berries (I don’t measure, just throw a small amount in the blender)

Youthberry Beauty Smoothie

Youthberry Beauty Smoothie Recipe

Goji Berries | Raw Vanilla Protein Powder | Cacao Nibs | TJ Raw Almond Butter

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