Summertime in Deer Valley

On my first trip out to visit Adam, we took the short (and steep) drive up to Deer Valley from where we are staying in Park City. (Park City Photo Diary 1 / Park City Photo Diary 2)
Deer Valley, is just one of the many gorgeous locations for the movie Adam is filming in Utah this summer…

I’ve always heard how beautiful Deer Valley is, and I definitely was not let down. These photos do Deer Valley no justice – its just one of those places on Earth that you need to witness with your own eyes. It is pure & pristine… the mountains are majestic, the views are vast and the wildflowers, (I’m crazy for wildflowers) are waist high and the loveliest.

We got up the mountain right at Golden Hour, wandered thru the Aspen Pines, caught a glimpse of the most amazing, massive deer galavanting thru the forest and just soaked up all the beauty surrounding us…

“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would”

— E.V

spending time in Utah this summer has been such a grounding experience. unfortunately, Adam is on set most of the time while I’m there – we have our evenings together + the weekend – which means I’m off on my own exploring. I’d love nothing more than to spend every single moment, soaking up this amazing place with my love, however, there’s also something so peaceful & introspective about hanging out with Mother Nature and simply feeling contented with yourself.

if you ever have a craving to get in touch with nature or more importantly, yourself, this is a pretty great place to make that happen. It fills up your soul on every level.

{ go where you feel most alive }
get outside, wander, feel the sun on your face, breathe deeply & disconnect… there is so much simple happiness in this world – find it.

Much Love,


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