Days 12 & 13 – #LetsGetFlexyIn2015 Yoga Challenge

TGIF! Hope its been a great week for you! Days 12 & 13 for #LetsGetFlexy Yoga Challenge.


Soooo, I literally just got into FULL Splits for the first time 4 days ago. I slide into “my” version of full splits all the time as a so-good hip & hamstring stretch and totally surprised myself when I got into it all the way. I can only do this with my left leg forward. Right leg forward, I’m still about 2 inches off the floor.
This is my standard flow to slowly prep my body for full splits. 
– Low Lunge
– Low Lunge + Quad Stretch/Diagonal Bow
– Half Splits
– Full Splits

– Place a block underneath your front thigh to allow yourself to settle into the pose. If your struggling to hold yourself up, your creating tension in your body when you need to be doing the opposite. Breathe deeply and try to relax into the stretch, allowing your muscles to release.
Stay Upright. working into the hips more, especially the front of the hip/hip flexor of the back leg.
– Fold Forward. This deepens the stretch in the hamstring of the front leg.

 DAY 13: PARTRIDGE POSE (Kapinjalasana) 

Such a beautiful pose combining strength & grace. This is definitely something to work towards once you have a strong & steady side plank! Set yourself up well in side plank — find balance & stability and work towards lifting & grabbing your top leg while pulling it behind you. I’m nowhere close to the fullest expression of the pose (foot to head…whaaaat!?) — but as one of my yoga instructors always says “slowly, slowly”….
Lock those abs in tight and pretty much engage every muscle in your body to feel strong & stable enough to lift that top leg up & back.


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